Sunderlin residence in Fayetteville, New York

This 1825 historic house was converted from a natural gas heating system (forced hot air and hot water) to geothermal heating and cooling (forced air and hot water) in 2018. With the goal of reducing household greenhouse gas emissions to the bare minimum, the occupant has also converted the gas stove to electric induction, and has replaced a hybrid car with an electric vehicle. In the next two years, the occupant intends to install a solar photovoltaic roof, with the intention of making the house net zero, that is, producing at least as much energy as it consumes. The expense of investing in geothermal energy has been high (owing to particularities of the house's age and design), but the occupant has no regrets, and is thrilled to be able to make a contribution toward combating climate change.

Sunderlin house