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Incentives and Financing

Energy efficiency upgrades and new heating and cooling systems are major financial investments in your home or building, but they are good investments, reducing your energy usage and keeping you and your family more comfortable.

Explore Your Options

Income-Based Incentives

There are incentives for all income levels! Choose your household size (and county for single households) to see qualifying income levels for EmPower, Assisted Home Performance, or Comfort Home. These programs focus on improving energy efficiency, health, and safety of a home. Other incentives may apply. 

Heat Pump Grants for HEAP recipients

Through Sept 15, 2022 there was an additional $10,000 available in a temporary program specifically for HEAP recipients. There may be another version of this in the future with the new funding from the Investment Reduction Act (this is our best guess). If you are eligible for HEAP this year (helps pay for your heating bills), we encourage you to apply for it in case future federal funding is also tied to having received HEAP. Apply for HEAP here. This program also required homes to meet minimum insulation levels – you can prepare for heat pump funding in the future by improving your insulation through Empower now.  

Finger Lakes Climate Fund

This rebate is available on a per-case basis through installers. It provides homeowners throughout the Finger Lakes and Central New York areas with up to $2,500 to encourage heat pump and insulation installations. Funding comes from local carbon offset contributions. Help contribute to projects in the CNY area! Offset your carbon emissions and pick the CNY team.  Colgate University’s team also contributes to projects in our area!  

HeatSmart CNY Affordability Grant

HeatSmart CNY had $115,000 through NYSERDA to give in grants of $7,500 per home for geothermal or $5,000 per home for cold climate air source heat pumps, and $750 for heat pump water heaters to households with incomes less than 80% of area median income. These funds have been fully committed at this point, helping 33 low-to-moderate income households. 

Rebates for Installations and Upgrades

Utility Rebates for Heat Pumps

Rebates are available from New York State utilities for installation of heat pump systems and equipment. These are good for all building types (residential, commercial, multifamily, nonprofit, industrial, etc.), all current fuel types, and both new construction and renovation/retrofitting. Rebates are based on the heating load/capacity of a building, so incentives are better for equipment that heats most efficiently at cold temperatures. All paperwork, including the application form, is typically completed by your installer, and all HeatSmart CNY approved installers qualify.

Building Heating Rebates

System Type Heating Capacity Rebate
Ground Source / Geothermal Heat Pump < 300,000 BTUH $1,500 per 10,000 BTUH
Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump 90-120% ("full load") of heating load < 300,000 BTUH $1,000 per 10,000 BTUH
Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump 90-120% ("full load") of heating load < 300,000 BTUH with integrated controls $1,200 per 10,000 BTUH (Starting Sept 1, 2022)
Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump 90-120% ("full load") of heating load < 300,000 BTUH with fossil fuel system completely removed ("decommissioned") $1,400 per 10,000 BTUH (Starting Sept 1, 2022)
Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump <90% of heating load $500 per outdoor unit (partial load)
Geothermal, air source, or VRF > 300,000 (large buildings) Custom incentive: $80 per MMBTU energy savings, or $100,000 per MMBTU for projects that include building envelope improvements

Water Heating Rebates

System Type Capacity Rebate
Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater < 120 gallons $700 per unit
Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater > 120 gallons (commercial) $80 per MMBTU annual energy savings
Ground Source Heat Pump Water Heater N/A $900 per unit
Ground Source Heat Pump Desuperheater N/A $100 per unit
BONUS for Cold Climate Air Source: Heat Pump + Water Heater installation N/A $250

NYSEG/RG&E customers can have their own plumbers and/or electricians do the installation if preferred, and apply for the rebate themselves.

Tax Incentives

Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit for Geothermal

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 has bumped the federal tax credit to geothermal back up to 30% for the next 10 years, until 2033. This is retroactive to any project installed in 2022.

Existing homes and new construction qualify.  Both principal residences and second homes qualify. Rentals do not qualify.

Nonbusiness (Residential) Energy Property Credit

The federal Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit expired at the end of 2021.  It will be back in 2023, better than ever! Stay tuned.

New York State Tax Credits

In 2022, the New York State Legislature passed a new geothermal state tax credit of 25% of the project cost, up to $5000. 

The New York solar equipment tax credit can reduce your state tax payments by up to $5,000 or 25% off your total solar energy expenses (whichever is lower). Both Federal and New York solar credits can be carried forward. 

For eligibility and information specific to your situation, consult your tax preparer.

Property Tax Exemption

Property tax exemptions exist for residential energy efficiency upgrades including heat pumps.


With proper financing, households on oil, propane, and resistance electric can realize significant out-of-pocket savings on their annual energy costs from day one. Your HeatSmart CNY installer will help you apply for the loans that apply to your project. 

Green Jobs Green New York Loans

New York State offers two loans for energy efficiency (including heat pumps) and renewable energy projects through their Green Jobs Green New York program:

  • On-Bill Recovery includes the cost of the upgrades right on your energy bill and requires a cost-effectiveness test to be passed. This can be passed on to the next homeowner if it is not paid off by the time you sell your home. Your monthly payments will not exceed your estimated average monthly energy cost savings.
  • Smart Energy loans is a traditional loan that is paid back through monthly payments. Lower interest rates are accessed through enrolling in autopay.

Geographic-based eligibility for reduced GJGNY interest rates: If you live in one of the census blocks pictured below, you can qualify for reduced interest rates without having to prove your income.  This makes it easier for self-employed individuals or others with hard-to-document incomes to access these reduced interest rates. Interest rates as low as 3.49% are available for census areas based on average income; enter your address here to see if you qualifies.

Those with credit scores of 780 or above do not have to meet cost-effectiveness or debt-to-income ratio tests and income documentation is not required (unless applying for under lower income interest rates). Financing is still available for credit scores down to 540.

EnerBank USA

Many installers offer financing options through EnerBank USA. The GeoSmart loan finances up to $85,000 with terms up to 20 years at 4.99%. They also offer a 12-month 0% interest same-as-cash loan to cover the amount of the expected federal tax credit.

Home HeadQuarters Green CNY Loan

Home HeadQuarters provides up to $20,000 with terms of 7-10 years at 5.24% in Green CNY loans.

Other Resources

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