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Geothermal Home in Manlius

Front view of a home in Manlius that switched from gas to geoManlius, NY

Square Footage: 2,058 sq ft
Year Built: 1966

Anne & Greg wanted to renovate an older home, and the first step they pursued was reducing the heating and cooling load to improve the buildings envelope by adding insulation throughout the home to create a thermally retentive environment. Previously there was cellulose in the walls, attic and roof, and fiberglass insulation in the basement. The R-values of the insulation were uncertain due to the unevenness in their home, and it was very low in the roof (roughly R-11). With the new insulation, energy leakage is greatly reduced, and it saves homeowners money! In addition to the insulation, Anne & Greg installed a geothermal heat pump and solar panels to power their homes to achieve a net zero energy home.

The Stocks are considering adding more solar panels in the future, but are waiting to see their new energy usage after making renovations. The house may be at net zero already.

The Stocks are happy to be using renewable energy,. They are also content with the reduction of carbon monoxide in their home which was a big motivator for switching to renewables. The multitude of benefits associated with geothermal and solar PV array implementations makes the Stocks feel as ease.

Installation and Energy Details

Prior Energy system: Gas Furnace, no AC

Prior Insulation or Sealing: Cellulose in the walls, attic and roof. Fiberglass insulation in the basement.

New Energy System: A 2-250 ft Geothermal Vertical Loop Heat Pump, and Solar Photovaltaic Panels

New Insulation or Sealing: Blown in Cellulose Insulation.

System Specifications:

  • Geothermal: Geostar Sycamore – utilizing variable capacity technology, the system can ramp up and down based on the needs of the house. Drilling work done by Nothnagle, installation done by Halco.
  • Solar: 11.88kW system. Panels are installed on the roof of the house. Insulation: Installed by Halco.

Net Zero? Close!


  • “We love our geothermal system because we are no longer using precious non-renewable resources to keep our home at a comfortable temperature.”

Motivation for Heat Pump Technology

  • Cost savings
  • Improved comfort at home
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions


Cost Category Initial Cost Incentives Final Cost
Ground Source Heat Pump $65,857 NYSERDA incentive: $10,080 30% federal tax credit: $16,733 $39,043
Solar PV System $40,572 NYSERDA grant: $4,158 Federal tax credit: $12,171 State tax credit: $5,000 $19,243
Grand Total $106,429 $53,143 (50% of total) $53,286