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Air Sealing

The First Step in Home Performance

No matter what heating and cooling system you have or plan to choose, the first step to saving money, making your energy system more efficient, and improving the comfort of your home is with a Home Performance Contractor.

Unlike insulation contracting or heating and cooling contracting, home performance contracting addresses the energy systems of your home in a more holistic and comprehensive way. It focuses on addressing problems related to energy usage, comfort, health, and building durability. Insulation and air sealing are key in improving home performance.

Why Insulate and Air Seal?

Save energy and money

  • Insulation and air sealing are crucial steps to improving energy efficiency and decreasing heating and cooling costs
  • Air leaks through your home’s envelope, wasting a lot of energy and spiking utility costs

Increase your comfort

  • Poor insulation and air sealing cause uneven heating and cooling, resulting in rooms that are too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

Improve health and safety

  • Poor indoor air quality, caused by insufficient insulation and air sealing, can increase the risk of asthma episodes and other respiratory problems
  • Insulation and air sealing prevent pollen, dust, and insects from entering your home or business

Building durability

  • Ice dams in the winter can result in damaged roofs, leaks into the living space, and increased chances of mold
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The most common sources of air leaks in a home: 31% floors, walls, and ceiling; 15% ducts; 14% fireplace; 13% plumbing entries; 11% doors, 10% windows; 4% fans and vents; and 2% electrical outlets

Homes and businesses benefit from insulation and air sealing. Most homes don’t have enough insulation and have significant in air leaks. According to the data, if all leaks in a home’s envelope were combined, it would be the equivalent of having a window wide open every single day of the year!

What do Home Performance Contractors Do?

The home performance contractor will discuss your home with you, including any specific problems you’re facing including cold/hot spots, drafts, ice issues in winter, uninsulated rooms, and fixtures. The contractor will then test the building to identify leaks and potential remedies.

After work is completed your home performance contractor will test your home again to ensure optimal performance!

What Incentives Are Available?

Energy efficiency upgrades are good financial investments in your home or building that reduce your energy usage and keeping you and your family more comfortable!

There are incentives for all income levels for insulation and air sealing, new energy systems, and more! Some are specifically for low-to-moderate income households, others are for market-rate households, and many apply to both! Once enrolled, our installers will help you apply for many of these programs, but you may have to apply for utility rebates on your own. Need help? Call us at 315-833-315-HEAT to talk to an advisor now!

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