About the Campaign

HeatSmart CNY is a community campaign making it easier and more affordable than ever to improve the energy efficiency of our homes and buildings. 

Extra funding for insulation, energy efficiency, and heat pumps available for low-to-moderate income homes through 6/30/2021!

We help connect homeowners and building owners with the many programs available to help reduce the costs of energy efficiency upgrades, such as insulation and air sealing, and efficient electric heat pumps as part of our energy system's move towards beneficial electrification.  Like the Solarize campaign, we have selected reputable installers to make it easier for you to go from learning about energy efficiency to actually being able to implement it.   In this way we are making homes in our region more comfortable, more cost-effective, and better for the environment.

In this time of pandemic, HeatSmart CNY events will be online.  HeatSmart CNY installers are still able to work with proper PPE and precautions.  

View our Earth Day webinar here!


Home with text "the future of heating and cooling is renewable"

HeatSmart CNY is a grassroots community initiative to support residents and businesses in exploring ways to improve how they heat their buildings. We will connect you to local heating and cooling experts who offer energy efficiency retrofits and the latest energy efficient technologies, such as geothermal systems, cold climate air source heat pumps, and hot water heat pumps. The campaign is a partnership between the Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board and Alliance for a Green Economy, and it is directed by community leaders who are volunteering their time to support this effort. If you’re considering a new heating or cooling system, if you're interested in finding out how to save energy in your home, or if you're wondering what you can do to help address climate change, this campaign is for you! 

How does HeatSmart CNY Work?

Through community events, open houses, and workshops, HeatSmart CNY will provide information about sustainable heating and cooling systems, and provide access to vetted and trusted installers.  HeatSmart participants will learn what they can do to improve the efficiency and comfort of their homes and buildings, and receive a free site visit and evaluation to determine which clean heating and cooling technologies are best suited for their home or business.  In select communities, targeted campaigns may provide additional savings on installation costs by signing up multiple homes in a short time period. We also have some grants available for low and moderate income households to help defray the up-front costs to switching to a heat pump.

Pictures of people with heat pumps in their homes in Cortland County


How Do Heat Pumps Work?

This video from geothermal expert Jay Egg and NYSERDA explains how ground source heat pumps work and their benefits. 

Cold climate air source heat pumps work similarly, pulling the energy from the air around us.  YES, they work even in Central New York! Look for "Cold Climate" air source heat pumps - they're designed to work down to at least -13* F!


Who is eligible?

NYSERDA incentives for heat pumps are available to people throughout New York State who use a NYSERDA-approved contractor. 

HeatSmart CNY is working with home and building owners in Cayuga, Cortland, Madison, Onondaga, and Oswego Counties!  

Are you a renter? We can help connect eligible individuals with the Empower program for energy efficiency improvements, including better insulation.  Your landlord can also apply to HeatSmart CNY to improve the heating and cooling of your building.

HeatSmart CNY is part of a bigger movement statewide! HeatSmart programs are also available in other counties and municipalities, through NYSERDA’s Clean Heating and Cooling Communities program.

Map of Round 1 and Round 2 Clean Heating and Cooling Communities in New York State


Supported By

WRVO Public Media Citizens Climate Awareness & Action
Citizens Campaign for the Environment Earth Sensitive Solutions
Wells College

Municipalities that have passed resolutions in support:

  • City of Syracuse
  • City of Auburn
  • Village of Homer
  • Village of Pulaski
  • Village of Parish
  • Village of Camillus
  • Town of Camillus
  • Village of Cazenovia