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Do you know of a building heated and cooled with geothermal or air source heat pumps? Let us know! We’d like to highlight locations that are already running on heat pumps, to show the possibilities and comfort of these technologies. Send us a message on Facebook, Twitter, or by email of locations you know about, and help us build a great brag sheet for CNY!

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Case Studies

Geothermal Heat Pump and Photovoltaic panels in Syracuse, New York

The threat of climate change was the strongest motivating factor for investing in a geothermal heat pump as well as rooftop solar photovoltaic electricity at this house in the Tipperary Hill section of the city. This case illustrates that geothermal energy is possible on a small lot in a tight space. The vertical wells were drilled in a small area on the front lawn and in the driveway.

Thomas house