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How to Get HeatSmart

Step 1: Learn your options

Get a feel for the solutions offered through the program and learn about our partner installers. You can learn about these options on this page, by exploring our website, or by attending one of our workshops.

Step 2: Enroll to begin working with our team

Know the system and installer right for you? Still want to talk it over? We can help you either way! Use the form on this page to enroll with HeatSmart CNY. Enrollment is free and there is never any obligation. By enrolling, you are signing yourself up to learn more about your home or small commercial building, to get a quote(s) from a qualified contractor, and to have our independent HeatSmart CNY expert team help answer your questions and navigate this process with you.

Step 3: Schedule a free contractor site visit

After you enroll, your chosen contractor(s) will contact you to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation visit. You’ll be able to discuss your goals and find out whether your home or business could become more efficient through insulation and air sealing, and what types of heat pumps or other energy technologies might work for you. At the visit, you’ll be able to discuss your goals with the contractor and learn more about your options. After the visit, you can request a quote for the options discussed. The installer will also tell you about incentives, grants, financing, tax credits or other programs you may qualify for.

Step 4: Get your questions answered

Once you receive a quote from the installer you are working with, you can ask any questions you still have, or raise concerns. HeatSmart CNY is always here to help! If you have further questions about the options presented by by our partner installers, the technologies available, or incentives offered, we are only a phone call or an email away. Our team is here to answer your questions, to serve as an independent sounding board for any concerns you have, and to advocate for your needs. Give us a call at 833-315-HEAT (833-315-4328).

Step 5: Improve Your Home

When you’re ready, you can sign a contract with your chosen installer and move forward with the work you have chosen. You’ll join a growing community of people in Central New York taking steps to reduce their energy use and improve their homes and the environment.

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Options and Technologies

Every home and building is different. Our installer partners are trained to help determine the best solutions for your home, but it is good to start with an idea of what you want, and which installer might be the best fit. Get a feel for the technology solutions offered through HeatSmartCNY and learn about our partner installers. You can also learn more about these by attending a workshop event.

11a caulking gun sealing an attic above insulation

Insulation & Air Sealing
How good is your insulation? Most homes and businesses start with an energy audit to figure out where to stop the heat from leaking in and out of the building. No matter how you heat, you can save energy with better insulation and sealing air leaks!

Ground Source Heat Pumps (“Geothermal”)
The most energy efficient option but also the most expensive to install. Great for homes and buildings wanting to get to “net zero,” and power their heating with solar. Homes wanting to continue using radiant heat should also consider geothermal.

11a ground source pump unit in a basement
11air source heat pump outside in the snow

Air Source Heat Pumps
Cold climate air source heat pumps work great in CNY, even as low as -15° F. Systems are available for homes both with and without ductwork. Outdoor units look like air conditioners and do not need much space.

Dual Fuel Heat Pumps
Households on gas and looking to install air conditioning might consider this option. Pairing a gas furnace with a cold climate air source heat pump allows for the homeowner to choose whether to use gas or efficient electric for heat. Less expensive but less efficient than a whole home heat pump system.

11basement and outdoor dual fuel pump units
11heat pump water heater in basement

Heat Pump Water Heaters
At least 2.5x more efficient than conventional gas or electric water heaters, and even provide some dehumidification as a side benefit! These work best in unfinished basements.

Installer Partners

Installers partnered with HeatSmart CNY have different specialties, financial assistance options, services offered, and regions they serve. You can review our installers and find the right partner for you based on your county of residence and intended home improvement projects.

+ Counties Served Technologies Incentive Programs
Simply Installs Cayuga, Cortland, Madison, Onondaga, Oswego Air source heat pumps (ducted or ductless), heat pump water heaters, dual fuel systems EmPower+; Comfort Home; NY Clean Heat
NP Environmental Madison, Onondaga Ground source heat pumps, Ducted air source heat pumps, Heat pump water heaters; dual fuel systems Energy Audits; NY Clean Heat
Halco Cayuga, Cortland, Madison, Onondaga, Oswego Ground source heat pumps; air source heat pumps (ducted or ductless); Heat pump water heaters; Dual fuel systems; Insulation & air sealing; Solar PV panels Energy Audits; Comfort Home; EmPower+; NY Clean Heat

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