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Headquarters: Phelps, NY with an office in Liverpool, NY

Offers: High-efficiency heating and cooling systems (both ground source and air source heat pumps), home energy assessments, insulation and air-sealing, clean renewable energy systems, net zero retrofits, and more.

Basic profile: Halco was established in 1984 as a plumbing/HVAC contractor and has a staff of over 110 skilled professionals in a wide range of trades. Halco is a highly accredited, national award-winning contractor that has been providing high-quality solutions to residential and commercial clients for decades. They are open 7 days a week until 9PM and offer 24-hour emergency service.

You should enroll with Halco if you are looking for viable options to improve the energy efficiency of your home, reduce costs, increase comfort, and/or take major steps towards sustainability. They are a full-service energy saving contractor and with their wide range of solutions they will suggest the repairs and upgrades that will make the biggest difference in your home's energy performance and comfort. They specialize in retrofitting older homes and working with people of all economic levels. They are adept at navigating NYS incentive programs such as Empower and Assisted Home Performance with Energy Star as well as the heat pump rebate programs. 

In their own words: With 34 years in business, we bring a great deal of passion, experience and dedication to the table. We believe fully in the value of bringing heat pumps and high-efficiency envelope improvements into the mainstream and are proud to offer excellent customer service before, during, and long after our installations.

Financing offered:

  • EnerBank USA - 4.99% 5-20 yrs & "Same As Cash" 12-18 months
  • Green Jobs Green NY - 3.49%-7.49% based on income
  • Synchrony. Rates 5.99%-9.99% and 18 month "Same As Cash"

For low- and moderate- income customers: Under the NYSERDA umbrella, Halco has high experience with EmPower New York and Assisted Home Performance. Assisted Home Performance (AHP) offers income-qualified homeowners a comprehensive, whole-house approach to improving energy efficiency and home comfort while saving money. AHP will match 50% of costs, up to $4,000, for energy saving improvements! We have multiple financing options to cover the homeowner's portion. In addition, we can offer LMI customers no-cost energy efficiency solutions through EmPower New York. Through this program a customer may receive up to $7,000 of NO-COST work. For both programs, customers must meet income qualifications.

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