Installer Profiles

HeatSmart CNY is working with five partner installers, who were selected through a competitive process. In making our choice, we considered the quality of the company's equipment and installation work, reference checks, prices, location of the workforce, and enthusiasm to work with our community campaign.

Please review the information below to choose the best installer for you! These professionals can take a look at your property to determine ways that you can save energy and heat with renewable technology. To have one of our partner installers visit you and advise you of your options and opportunities, enroll with our program. During enrollment, you will be asked to choose which installer you would like to contact you for a free, no obligation site visit.

The installers chosen are Halco, NP Environmental, Simply Installs, Snug Planet, and the Ground Up Team (which is partnership between Geotherm and A.C.E.S. Energy). Together, these three companies offer a variety of solutions for improving the energy efficiency of your home, and improving comfort.

Learn more about each of our partner installers below. These installer profiles are meant to help you decide which installer(s) you would like to receive a visit from when you enroll in our program.

NP Environmental

NP Environmental Sustainable Technologies Logo


Headquarters: Waterville, NY

Offers:  Ground Source heat pump systems, Air Source heat pump systems, Ventilation systems, HVAC design/build, Industrial process heating and cooling, Efficiency upgrades, Equipment service contracts

Basic profile: NP Environmental is a design build residential and commercial sustainable technologies HVAC company that was started in 2004. NP's roots formed during its founder’s early stages of life through his fascination with building construction, people, process, and applied mechanical systems. The fascination continued to RIT’s MET department where applied HVAC engineering was primary. NP’s co-founder studied the particulars of operating a customer focused renewable energy-based company at SUNY IT in the Business Management department. The passion many years ago that sparked a partnership is now the NP Environmental you see today completely committed to renewable energy, customer service, and efficient utilization of resources that benefits the consumer, community, and society. 

You should enroll with NP if you’re looking for a company filled with passion and commitment to customer service through the quality design and installation of lifetime heat pump systems that deliver tangible energy savings investments through comfortable efficient operation. 

In their own words: NP Environmental solely focuses on heat pump technologies; designing and building systems that last a lifetime. NP's systems deliver measurable performance, superior comfort, and air quality to our customers. Our professional team takes pride in providing the highest quality products seamlessly integrated into the structure with complete customer service throughout the process building relationships that lasts generations. NP's engineering design approach offers our customers a solution tailored to their specific needs working with Field Engineers from our staff who understand heat pump technology, and how to properly apply the benefits of a renewable energy system. 

Financing offered:
•    NYSERDA low interest loans
•    AmeriCU Credit Union

For low- and moderate- income customers: NP Environmental offers additional incentives through NYSERDA for LMI customers along with a comprehensive site audit process that targets the high impact items to reduce energy costs. 

Simply Installs

Simply Installs Logo

Headquarters: Victor, NY

Offers:  High efficiency heating and cooling systems and cold climate air source heat pumps (both ducted and ductless). We can also provide full service building envelope services, from simple air sealing to blown in cellulose to open & closed cell spray foam insulation. 

Basic profile: Simply Installs is a small family owned HVAC business that started in 2015 that specializes in ccASHP technology and installations. Simply Installs mission is to simplify the HVAC system purchase and installation process, while offering customers very high quality systems at extremely reasonable prices.

You should enroll with Simply Installs if you’re looking for excellent value, a company that consistently delivers on what they promise, and relentlessly stands behind their work. 

In their own words: Our #1 goal is to provide customers with the best HVAC system purchase experience possible, while being able to lower their energy bills and have a positive impact on their environmental footprint.  We prefer to simply provide the customer with options, be available to answer any questions that they may have, and to allow the customer to make the choice that they are most comfortable with. We fully understand that these systems are expensive and customers can be prone to sticker shock, so we aim to allow customers to be able to receive a hassle free quote and sleep on the proposal for as long as they need. We prefer to handle a bulk of our correspondence via email so all parties always have written records of discussions, and most importantly it allows customers to respond back when they get a moment. But if talking on the phone is your preferred method, we are only a phone call away. We know life is busy and we certainly don't want to make your life any tougher!

Let Simply Installs show you how simple purchasing a new HVAC system can be!

Financing offered:
    •    NYSERDA/EFS Green Jobs Green NY Financing
    •    EnerBank USA
    •    Synchrony Financial 

For low- and moderate- income customers: Simply Installs is able to offer LMI customers services through NYSERDA's Empower and AHP (Assisted Home Performance) programs. Through AHP we are able to have NYSERDA step in and pay for up 50% of your project, up to a maximum of $4,000. Through Empower we are able to offer up to $7,000 of work at no-cost to the customer. NYSERDA AHP and Empower are based on the customer being able to meet income qualifications.

Ground Up Team: A.C.E.S-Energy and Geotherm

Ground Up logo


Headquarters: Honeoye Falls, NY 

Offers: Geothermal Heat Pumps, Air Source Heat Pumps and Solar Electric Systems.

Basic profile: The Ground Up team is a partnership between two companies, A.C.E.S.-Energy and Geotherm. Geotherm specializes in renewable energy technologies with expertise in geothermal heating/cooling and solar electric systems. A.C.E.S-Energy strives to focus on the engineering, installation and service of renewable energy products with cutting edge technology, delivering results that reduce or eliminate customer’s dependency on fossil fuels. A majority of their business is geothermal heating and cooling solutions, but they also offer solar technology as a compliment product, allowing customers to become net energy neutral. They have a staffed showroom open during normal business hours that allows both past and future customer come in and see our products in action and in a natural environment.

You should enroll with Ground Up if you are looking for professionals to provide comfort, environmental responsibility, elimination of fossil fuels and significant energy cost savings.  Ground Up specializes in geothermal heat pump installations and is an excellent choice for homes that already have had insulation work completed previously and are ready to go geo!

In their own words: We are committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective energy reduction solutions for all of our customers. As a premiere resource for “green” energy alternatives, we help home owners, builders, municipalities, business owners and communities significantly reduce their utility costs with environmentally responsible products. We never compromise on our materials or installation. This means your system will be more durable, more efficient, and easier to maintain. Custom design solutions are crafted to meet your exact needs with maximum return on investment.

Financing offered:

  • $0 down solutions through Enerbank with many term options up to 20 years. 
  • Smart Energy Loan through NYSERDA for subsidized loan opportunities.


Halco logo


Headquarters: Phelps, NY with an office in Liverpool, NY

Offers: High-efficiency heating and cooling systems (both ground source and air source heat pumps), home energy assessments, insulation and air-sealing, clean renewable energy systems, net zero retrofits, and more.

Basic profile: Halco was established in 1984 as a plumbing/HVAC contractor and has a staff of over 110 skilled professionals in a wide range of trades. Halco is a highly accredited, national award-winning contractor that has been providing high-quality solutions to residential and commercial clients for decades. They are open 7 days a week until 9PM and offer 24-hour emergency service.

You should enroll with Halco if you are looking for viable options to improve the energy efficiency of your home, reduce costs, increase comfort, and/or take major steps towards sustainability. They are a full-service energy saving contractor and with their wide range of solutions they will suggest the repairs and upgrades that will make the biggest difference in your home's energy performance and comfort. They specialize in retrofitting older homes and working with people of all economic levels. They are adept at navigating NYS incentive programs such as Empower and Assisted Home Performance with Energy Star as well as the heat pump rebate programs. 

In their own words: With 34 years in business, we bring a great deal of passion, experience and dedication to the table. We believe fully in the value of bringing heat pumps and high-efficiency envelope improvements into the mainstream and are proud to offer excellent customer service before, during, and long after our installations.

Financing offered:

  • EnerBank USA - 4.99% 5-20 yrs & "Same As Cash" 12-18 months
  • Green Jobs Green NY - 3.49%-7.49% based on income
  • Synchrony. Rates 5.99%-9.99% and 18 month "Same As Cash"

For low- and moderate- income customers: Under the NYSERDA umbrella, Halco has high experience with EmPower New York and Assisted Home Performance. Assisted Home Performance (AHP) offers income-qualified homeowners a comprehensive, whole-house approach to improving energy efficiency and home comfort while saving money. AHP will match 50% of costs, up to $4,000, for energy saving improvements! We have multiple financing options to cover the homeowner's portion. In addition, we can offer LMI customers no-cost energy efficiency solutions through EmPower New York. Through this program a customer may receive up to $7,000 of NO-COST work. For both programs, customers must meet income qualifications.

Snug Planet

Snug Planet logo


Headquarters: Ithaca, NY

Offers:  Air sealing, all types of installation, energy efficient air source heat pumps, and a whole house assessment.

Basic profile: Snug Planet was established in 2006. They are a medium-sized, family owned business. Their mission is to save energy in ways that make sense for people and the planet.

You should enroll with Snug Planet if you are interested in air source heat pumps and air sealing and insulation. They are a great choice for homes that have not previously had a no-cost energy audit. They specialize in retrofitting a wide variety of homes and buildings. They provide state of the art building science assessments and installations, and a team who shares your values and has a high level of integrity. 

In their own words: We love helping people meet their goals for their homes, with improved comfort and energy savings, lower their bills, healthier home, and helping homeowners learn about their homes, and especially to get families living in a fossil free home.

Financing offered:

  • NYSERDA low interest loans
  • Assisted Home Performance and EmPower
  • Morehouse financing

For low- and moderate- income customers: Snug Planet provides support with all of the financing options offered by the Home Performance with Energy Star program including Assisted Home Performance and EmPower. They are experts in walking people through the process and helping them navigate all the different options, and getting them the very best incentives possible.