Incentives for Large Systems including Commercial, Multifamily, and Nonprofits

Our energy system is changing for a cleaner energy future.  Is your building prepared?  Switching out fossil fuel heating systems for geothermal, air source heat pumps, or VRF systems is a smart investment in your building's future. Better yet, there is money available to help you do it!

New York State Programs & Incentives

Flexible Technical Assistance (FlexTech) ProgramFinancial support for completing an energy study to identify and evaluate opportunities to reduce energy costs and incorporate clean energy into capital planning. The study can determine whether upgrading to energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment is the right solution for your business. Learn more.Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.

Clean Heating and Cooling Screenings for Large BuildingsFree screenings for any building bigger than 10,000 sq. ft. to assess the potential of ground and air source heat pump and variable refrigerant flow technologies to provide heating and cooling solutions.  Previoulsy only for areas affected by a utility company natural gas constraint, this program is being rolled out across the state. Learn MoreCall Lindsay to get connected with this new program.

Participation Loans and On-Bill Recovery Loans - NYSERDA offers 0% financing for small businesses and nonprofits to install heat pumps! Learn more.Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.  

Heat Pump Incentives

Heat Pump Incentives - For projects under 300,000 BTUH, the same incentives apply as for residential. 

$$$ in National Grid, NYSEG, and RG&E Service Territories

Heating For Most Homes & Buildings (<300,000 BTUH heating load)

Ground Source or "Geothermal" Heat Pumps (GSHPs)

$1500 / 10,000 BTUH

Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps (ccASHPs) $1000/ 10,000 BTUH (full load) or $500/outdoor unit (partial load)

Heating for Large Buildings (>300,000 BTUH heating load)

Geothermal or air source heat pumps or VRF systems Custom incentive: $80 / MMBTU energy savings


Water heating:

Air Source Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWH) <120 gallons $700/unit
Commercial air source HPWH >120 gallons $80/MMBTU annual energy savings
Ground Source HPWHs $900/unit
Ground Source Heat Pump desuperheater $100/unit
BONUS for ccASHP + HPWH installation $250


National Grid Programs

Tiered Incentive Program (Upstate New York)—Up to 25 percent in financial incentives to complete a number of energy efficiency projects (including HVAC upgrades) for large commercial and industrial customers. The more projects completed, the higher the incentives. Learn more.Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.


NYSEG / RG&E Territory Programs

New Construction Projects are Now Eligible for Rebates

NYSEG now provides new construction rebates for customers who design and construct their facilities with energy-efficient equipment. Rebates can be pursued through either a Prescriptive or Custom application depending on the measure(s) installed. The incentive catalogs here indicate which prescriptive measures are eligible for new construction. Heat pump systems have incentives! VRF systems may be eligible under the custom application.

NYSEG rebates for heat pumps in commercial properties, ranging from $40-$150/ton