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HeatSmart CNY is Significantly Reducing Local Carbon Emissions!

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Where did 2020 go?

The end of the year will be here sooner than we know- which means we have limited time to share and take advantage of a few key opportunities.

  1. Check if you, your family, and your friends are eligible for NYSERDA’s expanded Assisted Home Performance with Energy Star program. This is a matching grant of up to $4000 for energy efficiency improvements for your home, including insulation and  heat pumps in many circumstances. Through Dec. 31, 2020 there is an extra $1000 and expanded eligibility for households earning up to 120% of the area median income.  Applications received prior to this date will lock in their eligibility – projects may be installed in 2021. So apply now and tell all your friends to apply! When you receive confirmation of your eligibility, please let me know. Eligibility for this program unlocks some additional funding as well, depending on the project.
  2. The federal geothermal tax credit drops from 26% to 22% on January 1. If you have a project in the works, you want to have it installed and operational by December 31.
  3.  And if you haven’t joined yet, there is still time to enroll in the HeatSmart CNY campaign to explore your options for heat pumps, insulation and air sealing improvements via a no-cost, no obligation assessment from one of our installers.

HeatSmart CNY’s Climate Impact

In the past two years, the households participating in HeatSmart CNY have cut local greenhouse gas emissions by 360 tons of CO2eq annually and 7,642 tons of CO2eq over lifetime of these systems.

On average, each home we upgrade with heat pumps cuts more emissions each year than taking a gas engine car off the road!

What’s your next move for reducing your climate impact?