ABCs of Home Performance

Dick Kornbluth of HeatSmart CNY partners with HeatSmart Tompkins to discuss home performance issues and ways to improve them!


Installer Case Studies

In May 2020 while everyone was stuck at home, HeatSmart CNY and HeatSmart Tompkins collaborated to host a series of case study webinars with our installer partners. 

Snug Planet: Affordable Heat Pump Install  

Original date: Tuesday, May 5 




Halco: Whole Home Retrofit Case Study

Original Date: Tuesday, May 12 



NP Environmental: Hydronic Geothermal with Heat & AC 

Original Date: Thursday, May 14 



ACES Energy: Geothermal Case Study

Original Date: May 26, 2020


Simply Installs Case Study Webinar

Original Date: May 29, 2020

We sincerely apologize that we forgot to hit "record" on this one!  Here is the pre-recorded portion of it:



Large Commercial Systems

Large Geothermal Systems Workshop

In November 2019 we hosted a workshop on large geothermal systems specifically designed for architects, engineers, commercial building owners, municipal officials, and others who are interested in geothermal systems for large buildings. It was recorded - you can watch it for yourself & download the slides.