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Environmental concerns combined with financial incentives prompted the Vigliettas to change energy systems and eliminate fossil fuel use in their home. Their heating was converted from expensive oil to efficient geothermal, paired with a heat pump water heater. They have also invested in electric vehicles and solar panels. Despite initial skepticism about heat pumps working...
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11Kempton home in the snow
Located in Erieville between Cazenovia and Hamilton, Shelly Kempton’s 2,700 sq. ft. house is an excellent local example of a near net zero home. When she built the house in 2020, she wanted it to be an educational example of a sustainable, low-carbon producing home. Shelly opted for horizontal geothermal, a heat pump water heater,...
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11Image of faces looking toward a projector that says Green Bag Lunch
Join this Virtual Green Bag Lunch conversation about the critically important move toward electrification of buildings. Speakers: Avni Pravin, Alliance for a Green Economy (AGREE) Chris Straile, Sustainable Comfort, Inc. Jeffrey Anthony, Simply Installs Learn about the progress being made in New York State to electrify buildings. We’ll also be discussing electrification and heat pumps...
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11exterior of the McClure residence in winter with roof solar panels
Peter and Ricke McClure of Preble, NY (Cortland Co.) give a virtual tour of their geothermal heat pump system, heat pump water heater, and solar PV array!
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