Net Zero home with Geothermal Heat Pump in Locke, New York

Concerned about the high cost of heating their house with propane, as well as the importance of dealing with climate change, the homeowners switched to a ground source heat pump (geothermal energy) to heat and cool their home. They also added solar photovoltaic electricity. They installed a solar array containing roughly a 15 kW roof-top array installed in 2014. The homeowners are pleased with the outcome, remarking that: “We have largely eliminated utility bills, the heating is astonishingly comfortable and we feel good about not relying on fossil fuels.” The house was net zero for 2014-2017, however, they fell slightly short in 2018-2019, apparently due to a significant drop in solar output due to more cloud cover than previous years.

Ground source heat pump  was installed (GSHP) for heating and cooling in 2014. Hydronic in-floor heating with one fan coil unit for cooling in living room. Increased insulation in ceilings from R-38 (12 inches of fiberglass) to R-60 using blown-in cellulose. Spray foam added to basement rim joists for air sealing.

Net Zero home in Locke, NY