Ground Source Heat Pump Application in Truxton, New York

The homeowners originally had a propane-fuel water tank for their hot water supply and no air conditioning. Concerned about climate change and the price volatility of fossil fuel, as well as wanting to avoid the burden of cutting wood for a wood furnace, the homeowners switched to a ground source heat pump (geothermal energy) to heat and cool their home. The homeowners are pleased with the outcome, remarking that: “It feels good to be part of the solution to global warming.” 

The ground source heat pump needed two 300ft wells drilled in order to supplement the energy required to heat and cool the household water. The homeowners have also installed solar panels to help supplement some energy costs. They installed a Ground mounted 12.42kW unit installed in 2018. They are not quite at net zero but intend on securing the building envelope over the next few years, including new insulation and new sealing. They also plan on adding in a solar powered hot water heater in the future to help reach net zero. 

Ground Source Heat Pump, Almost Net Zero in Truxton, New York