Close to Net Zero Home in Preble, New York

The homeowner had previously installed photovoltaic panels and a heat pump water heater for the home. However, when an oil furnace failed in the middle of winter 2018-2019, the decision to convert to a ground source heat pump became clear. The installation happened in the dead of winter, with geothermal drilling happening during a Polar Votex. It was drilled by Nothnagel drilling, in sub-zero temperatures, proving that these systems can be installed year-round. The homeowners are happy with the performance from the ground source heat pump so far and are excited for its further use. Although short of net zero, they plan on increasing the amount of renewable energy used by the house in the future.  Homeowners have stated that in the winter the room-to-room heat is much more consistent and costs less than the previous oil furnace. 

The home was built in 1909 and has had some repair and maintenance done in the past. This includes photovoltaic panels on the roof, 7.28 Kw array, installed in 2015 by Halco. Furthermore, a heat pump water heater and a ground source heat pump were added, making the house close to but not quite net zero. The insulation in the home is a combination of closed cell foam (around roof, basement and crawlspace) and cellulose on the walls.The homeowners do plan on adding more solar panels to try and reach the goal of net zero. 

Ground source heat pump Preble, New York