Camillus Air Source Heat Pump Open House

Home in Camillus NY that heats with cold climate air source heat pumps
Sutton Residence
125 Maple Drive, Camillus NY

Feeling hot? Come be cool with us!

We invite you to check out a cold climate air source heat pump in a residential home in the Village of Camillus! This is a great opportunity for people to experience air source heat pumps' ability to keep homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Air source heat pumps are super energy efficient, reducing costs and helping protect the environment.

This is a 1300 square foot home. Their ductless mini-split system was installed in 2013/14 and has 2 outdoor units and 3 indoor heads. 

At open house events, people can visit local homes with heat pumps in operation and talk to the homeowners and installers about the experience and the process, as well as get an abbreviated introduction to the HeatSmart CNY initiative.

**Note: There is no parking immediately in front of the house, please use the side streets for street parking.

Allergy warning: this is a house with a cat.