Office Hours

Office Hours: got questions?  Come talk to us!
Home HeadQuarters Home Ownership Center
320 Tracy St, Syracuse NY 13204

We are excited to have Jeremy Koo with us in person this month! Jeremy is a veteran of the HeatSmart Mass (as in, Massachusetts) campaigns and has a wealth of knowledge to draw upon. 

"Office hours" is an opportunity for HeatSmart CNY participants to discuss the results of their home assessments and consider their options. This is an informal event to check in and identify and resolve any issues, figure out financing, etc. What can we learn? Please bring your proposals with you!

Parking is available in the lot next to the building at the intersection of Tracy and Leavenworth.  Please do not park in the Firefighters Credit Union parking lot, they’re vigilant towers of any parking violators. 

Technical expertise in the room includes:

  • Brendon Fox, with Home HeadQuarters, a former heat pump contractor himself and an expert in navigating NYSERDA financing programs;
  • Dick Kornbluth, our home energy advisor and a nationally-recognized subject matter expert with decades of experience in the building performance industry; 

Installers will not be present; this is an opportunity to have a conversation among community members about what we're learning from our quotes. If you have installer-specific questions, we encourage you to reach out to them directly.

If you can't attend, please remember you can always call our HeatSmart CNY hotline with questions!  833-315-HEAT Lindsay Speer, Dick Kornbluth, Brendon Fox, and heat pump expert John Manning can all be reached this way.

Park in the lot next to the small HomeOwnership Center.