Ground Source Heat Pump and increased Insulation in Cincinnatus, New York

The Campbells were concerned about the impact fossil fuel combustion was having on the environment, as well as their high energy bills. In 2010 they made adjustments. They abandoned coal for a six ton, horizontal, ground source heat pump and then improved their home performance by adding foam insulation. An 8,750 watt solar photovoltaic unit was installed in 2012. The homeowners note the added comfort and safety of their home after making this transition. They now have the added benefit of air conditioning and can avoid the risks associated with burning fossil fuels.

The home is now within 85% of being net zero, nearly making as much energy as it produces! The Campbell's explain they are able to “heat their home at a fraction of the cost they had previously been paying.” They add that “after some initial issues with installation, the system has exceeded our expectations.”

Campbell Residence