Kimball Open House

Picture of the Kimball house
Kimball Residence, Pompey NY
8356 Number 2 Road East, Manlius NY


HeatSmart CNY open house events feature local homes with heat pumps in operation. Attendees can talk to the homeowners and installers about the experience and the process, as well as get an abbreviated introduction to the HeatSmart CNY initiative.

This house features a geothermal heat pump, an air source heat pump, and a heat pump water heater all in one location!

Eager to find a solution to high energy bills, the Kimball family switched from fossil fuels to heat pumps – Mr. Kimball doing all the installation himself with the skills he learned as a HVAC contractor. The payback is well on the way to being achieved and the cost savings are already $1,500-$2,000 per year. He says “the systems have exceeded our expectations in all regards.”

In spite of this success, Mr. Kimball recommends having installation done by a professional company, noting it is a challenging process. He says there are substantial savings even when the work is done by an installer company.

Please park along the road, thanks!