Geothermal Open House on Tipperary Hill

Front of geothermally heated house
Thomas Residence
248 Bryant Ave, Syracuse NY

Join us at the home of Kyle Thomas, to tour his 4 ton vertical well geothermal system in the Tipperary Hill neighborhood of Syracuse.

Are you thinking about installing a geothermal system for your home or business, but wondering what it would look like and what the installation process would be like? Join us at the home of Kyle Thomas, owner and professional engineer at Natural Systems Engineering.

Kyle designed his geothermal system himself, working with a local driller and installer to complete the project.  His 4 ton vertical well system was installed in a tiny front yard and side driveway, and supplies both ducted heating and staple-up radiant floor heating.  Kyle will show you around his heating system and answer all your questions about the installation process and how the system works. This is an excellent example of an urban geothermal system in an old house!

The HeatSmart CNY team will also be on hand to answer your questions about our campaign. You can sign up during this event for your own no-cost, no-obligation site assessment to see how we can help you weatherize your home and/or change your heating system to a geothermal or air source heat pump.

Parking is on-street in the neighborhood. Some off-street parking is available at a nearby closed bowling alley.