Special Incentive on Mitsubishi Electric Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps

House showing different temperatures in each room due to a zoned hyper heat system

The Details

From February 1st to March 15th, our installers Halco and Snug Planet are offering a special incentive if you choose to install an energy efficient Mitsubishi Electric comfort system.  The system must be installed by March 29th so enrolling early is important!  Homeowners in qualifying areas are eligible to receive $500, issued in the form of a gift card, for a multi-zone heat pump or $250 for a single zone heat pump. It is only available in Central New York. This deal can be combined with the NYSERDA $500 ASHP rebate, as well as National Grid incentives for electric-only customers  

How to Get It

Enroll here and be sure to check the box for the Mitsubishi Electric deal!

Woman on sofa with dog and air source heat pump on the wall behind her



How Air Source Heat Pumps Work in CNY

A heat pump works similarly to your refrigerator by transferring heat from outside to inside a building, or vice versa. New cold climate air source heat pumps make these systems effective even in New York’s below freezing temperatures!