HeatSmart CNY in the time of COVID-19

To do our part to help minimize the COVID-19 pandemic, HeatSmart CNY has indefinitely postponed all our in-person events, and our installer partners are not doing on-site work other than emergency repairs until the PAUSE in NY is lifted.  They are, however, finding ways to do virtual assessments and provide preliminary quotes, so feel free to enroll now! 

From National Grid: 

National Grid will continue to provide incentives for heat pump applications where equipment has already been installed through our Electric Heat Initiative. As the NYS Clean Heat Statewide Heat Pump Program launches on April 1, we are discouraging all heat pump installations and on-premise activity other than emergency services.  (3/26/2020)

Installer COVID-19 Responses: 

We're helping to #FlattenTheCurve

We are instead scheduling a webinars and online meetings about heat pumps, with Q&A with installers, and real-life experience from HeatSmart CNY participants. We will also be sending more informative emails.  Installers are able to work with homeowners to explore options for their homes via online methods as well.  

We're helping to protect health care workers

Picture FB post about donated booties.  HeatSmart CNY donated the rest of the plastic booties used at open houses to local health care workers to help address the PPE shortage.


We're still here!  Got questions about heat pumps and energy efficiency improvements?  Our HeatSmart CNY hotline (833-315-HEAT) keeps us close even when we're physically distancing ourselves! You can reach campaign manager Lindsay Speer, home performance expert Dick Kornbluth, and heat pump expert John Manning. 

On behalf of the whole HeatSmart CNY team, we wish you and your family well during these difficult times. 

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